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Military Custom Machines & Automation Equipment

Automatic Lens Manufacturing System

The automation makes light lenses for the United States Military at a rate of 5 lenses per minute. 

The system consists of five separate machines:

  • The automatic sheet feeder
  • The indexing oven
  • The forming press
  • The cooling machine
  • and the CNC milling machine.

Lens blanks are automatically loaded onto the indexing oven which indexes every 12 seconds. When the hot sheets exit the oven they are transferred into the forming press with a servo driven pick and place mechanism. The press closes and forms the lens. When the press opens the hot lens is transferred into a cooling fixture with another servo driven pick and place mechanism. The fixtures are indexed through the cooling machine for 2.5 minutes. Then one operator is used to transfer the lens from the cooling machine to the CNC milling machine. The lens is then automatically trimmed to height, drilled, counter bored and automatically offloaded.





Custom machine automation equipment

An automatic Lens Manufacturing System

assembly autiomation equipment

The CNC mill with vacuum tooling and offload pick & place automation.

special machines - exit oven with forming press

Exit end of oven with forming press.


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